Looking for an updated Phasegrasp + Elemental build

I previously followed the Elemental Ricochet build and found it severely lacking in TVHM M3+4. What I’m looking for is any kind of similar build, preferably without melee, that is mostly elemental gun + action skill based.

I’m considering the Hellwalkin Deputy build, as it’s Jakobs weapons based and I rarely use that gun manufacturer.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Update: after trying out some of your suggestions, like removing points from bad skills, I decided to go with Slif_One’s Indiscriminate Binder. It is exactly what I was looking for, and notably, does not abuse the buggy Phasezerker rush stacking.

A couple minor deviations from the build include the use of the Hellshock pistol, a ridiculously powerful weapon that has carried me though a lot of content. Another includes an elemental Hyperfocus, as with the right positioning I can ricochet bullets back to my target, or adjacent mobs. A third includes the use of the Krakatoa sniper rifle, which had absurd levels of burst damage.
I swap around my loadout based on content/modifiers, using the builds suggested gear and my own, and I’m now destroying everything in my path.

My skill set up is somewhat like that

As for gear I’m not 100% sure I hear the cutsman is still very good the anarchy shotgun i also hear is good which came with the new DLC not sure about the other 2 weapon slots as for grenades I really enjoy the hex grenades class mod I use spiritual driver shield I would have to say the transformer if you are using electricity for your main element if not maybe the shield that recharges itself once broken (forgot its name) for artifact I’m using elemental projector

My build is not really updated at the moment, I will do that once Mayhem 2.0 launches, as it will probably have a rather large impact on the endgame. Check out the latest post for the updated build and loadout in the video. I don’t really use TTB anymore because Phasecast is usually enough and provides more of a challenge, along with a much more explosive and aggressive (burst) playstyle.

Just note that my build is mainly for people that really like the Hellwalker (+ Jakobs in general) and want to make it work at the highest difficulty. This mainly works due to spending 5/5 in Alacrity and only one point in Do Harm.

At the moment, I am using:

  1. Hellwalker (only found + 70% Radiation so far, Phasecast would be ideal)
  2. Clairvoyance (Phasecast + 250%)
  3. Seventh Sense
  4. Monocle (Skullmasher/Unseen Threat if you got it)

aren’t enemy health etc exactly the same in normal m4, to tvhm m4?
I’ve seen tests proving so.

How exactly is it giving you trouble? (so I can give a better solution)

and which mod are you using.

Ok I’ve looked it over, and this build doesn’t look so good imo.
You should take some points out of infusion , at max you should really only have 2 points in that skill.

Matter of fact having it maxed would actually weaken the bonus you get from her red capstone as it uses damage dealt not stated gun damage.
The way you’re going no matter what element you use even with a matching type you’ll never get above kinetic damage. So you might as well not even use elemental guns besides shock.

And I don’t know why that build chose singulary as the skill augment if you need sustainment you’re much better off with, soul sap.

Ok try this with phasezerker, ties that bind and soul sap.

If you’re worried about keeping them inplace for ties that bind just use a cry weapon to slow em down. a cryo hex works wonders for me and I play melee amara.

Also if you really don’t want deep well, I suggest you put the point into clarity on her green tree.

Let me know if it works out. :slight_smile:


well glad everything worked out for ya.
happy hunting.