Looking for Anarchy

Looking for a level 57 Anarchy. Anoints don’t matter too much, just want to play with the gun. Have plenty M10 weapons to trade. Plenty M6+ legendaries.

I have a anarchy mayhem 10 you can have. What’s your gamertag?
Also I have a list of stuff I’m giving away if you want to check it if you haven’t already.

You get the one shotter from vending machines btw.

That would be greatly appreciated. My gamertag is SpaghetiSaturdy. I’ve searched the vending machines too with no avail. And I’ll have to check that list out.

No worries buddy, I’ll send the anarchy over shortly.
It’s super rare unfortunately, someone on here might have one if you create a post maybe.
Cool cool it’s all free to a good home.

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Thank you, man. If you ever need anything just let me know.

It’s all good buddy, only looking for a pearl with mag size, a good spiritual driver or phazezerker would be nice,no worries if not :slight_smile:

Ive got a few driver classmods i think ive got one with smg dmg

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Sounds sweet bro

Sending it over now

Thank you buddy

No worries😉

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I’ve got a Pearl with mag size/health, I’ll send it over when I get home.

Edit— also have a driver with Dahl crit/sniper dam…

Edit edit— got a decent Phazezerker buried somewhere too.

Pretty much if you are looking for something I have it. I don’t spend my time complaining about drop rates, I’m too busy farming.

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Thank you very much.:slight_smile:
Do you want anything in return?

Also looking for the mayhem 6+ weapons with decent annoitments.

That’s all I’m doing aswell, farming and re farming for the best gear possible

I don’t need anything at all, butit thank you. Should be there by 18:00 EST

Thanks very much no rush at all :slight_smile: