Looking for annointed ward shield

Looking for anointed ward shield with on action skill end cooldown increased.

I have this:

Do you have some good stuff for Fl4k? Maybe Rakk anointed gear?

Yes I have some we can meet up in game if you want


I have some guns and shields.

I will add you now. You can decide if you want to meet ingame or if you just mail them. I won’t be on for a while, but I can mail you the shield when I log on.

Ok I’m at church now

Whenever you can mail them is ok for me, so don’t stress with it.

If you wanna mail it that’s fine I’d prefer to go over with in game for what I got cause its alot lol

Ok np


Ok will send em as soon as I’m home

Sent some stuff

Thanks for the trade! Just let me know if there is anything else I might be possible to help you with.