Looking for anointed cutsman and brawler ward

As title says looking for anointed cutsman. And brawler ward. Preferably action skill end gain bonus corrosive fire etc damage for 10 seconds or the next 2 mags apply the same annointment would be great. Have lots to trade

Still lookin

I have corrosive cutsman 300 after phaseslam. I need spoiling projectile recursion shock and or corrosive with 100 ASE or cutpurse loaded dice with health regen

Not really looking for a phaseslam one as I’m using phasegrasp for my spiritual driver build

I have a ase 100% cutsman what asse shields and grenades do you have? I also have - 125% badaases etc one and a couple that have ase 50% this or that elemental

Let me check when I get home, went to an amusement park

I have a 50% bonus corrosive anointed shock cutsman you can add me @ OrbitOnyx if you want to trade I’ll be online for most of the night

Alright. What do you want? Or you wanna discuss it when I go on an add you later tonight

I’ll see what you have later today not really sure what I’m looking for atm

Do you any ase shields like the recharger or frozen heart with novas

I’ll have go check for those 2 specifically I know i have done purple ones with 13k