Looking for anoited one pump chump and anoited transformer for moze

I have alot to trade please let me know what you need and I will see if I have it

Have an element projector relic?

Yes I do

I have annointed transformer. +75% hp and shields on actuon skill end

Looking for recurring hex, shock and rad, annointed
And better rolls on my artifacts/mods

I have shock hex, cryo hex and standard mirv rad hex

The shock is annointed?

Unfortunately not

Have phaseslam 300 one pump

Anything in particular you’re looking for? I would like that one-pump

Hey dude, what are the stats on the one pump and is it anoited?

3845 damage base

1160% weapon damage
42% reload
3.5 zoom
Phaseslam 300 damage

Looking for phasecast/phaseslam damage anointed guns maybe in 125/100 damage on certain guns, Phasezerker mods, amazing artifacts but the particular ones I want:

Hawkins phasecast 250 damage
Bekah phasecast 250 damage or any other anointment

Some additional items I have:
Shock lyuda phasecast 250 damage
Fire kings call phasecast 250 damage
Hawkins phaseslam 300 damage
Dictator phaseslam 300 damage
Hellwalker phaseslam/cast (both) 300/250 damage

I got a couple phasecast phaseslam guns