Looking For any Bloodletter Class Mod

Hello, I am looking for a bloodletter class mod for Moze. Just looking to try out the various builds for Moze (stop gap and 1hp builds) so, I am not looking for any specific stats currently. If you have a spare you dont mind sharing that would be greatly appreciated. Don’t have the best legendaries currently but if you are looking to try out an item, i can see what i have. Thanks for helping!

psn: The_Don_Juan_

Are you still after bloodletter class mod?

Yes, I am still looking for the mod. Did you have one to part with?

Sure I’m not currently maining moze so I’m happy to give it to you

Excellent. I can shoot you a friend request so you can mail it my way. What is you psn?

Sent you a friend request

Thats it sent

Accepted it, thanks for the help.