Looking for any CL4P-TP DLC legendaries on BLTPS?

So we all know how much harder it is to “farm” in the pre sequel however my favorites are probably the hardest to get. I’m specifically looking for a Flayer shotgun (Rustlers prefix, if you have it), the laser disker, and Kaneda’s laser at least level 50 and above. My GT is The Lone Arch please message me or add me if you have any extras or are willing to trade.

Also, just to refrain from making another post, might anyone know the recipe to make the dlc legendaries come out of the grinder? I know they can, but Idk the recipe

I think for those you may have to use the "Grinder in the DLC, not the one in Concordia. Someone else will have to confirm that though as I don’t use the Grinder’s, 90% of my Legendaries and Uniques come from farming the Vending Machines (which are the best source, followed in descending order by the Grinders, then what few raids there are, then random drops by BadAsses)

only as to pertaining Raid Bosses, otherwise the Vending machines are more likely to drop stuff (and at your level) then BL 2 Raids

I figured as much, do you think the recipe may also require at least one of the new legendaries or maybe at least a legendary of the type im looking for so say for kanedas layaser might i have to use launchers or a launcher with a purple launcher? I use the grinder A LOT, and I know recipes but none for the dlc weapons. I’ve had them come up on xbox360 but I long forgot what I did to get the luck cannon, flayer, and absolute zero. And these were in concordia, I always thought it was just them maybe mistaking the loot pool they did cause i got them all in a row but I do know they’re somewhere in the pool.

And well raid bosses don’t necessarily pertain to the new legendaries as eos can really only drop any of the new ones with a higher rate in story mode and idek if you can dashboard it like you can with the moonshot farm?

You need at least 1 of the new legendaries and any legendary, then the purple weapon of choice. I have grinded every claptastic legendary this way. You can also get berrigans from the grinder. I have over 41 days time on pre sequel so I have pretty much done it all.

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Thanks a bunch. So it doesn’t matter which type of legendary the new one is? as long as its new + old + purple of weapon choice?

Be prepared to get purple weapons back from a grind as well. Grinding claptastic legendaries is a adventure for sure. I want to add that absolute zero is a tough gun to get as it is. I got my original from eos and with all my time in that has been the least seen gun for me.


ah yes purples for sure cause you cant moonstone grind right? The rustlers shotgun was the one i figured out back in 360 but Id really like the laser disker and kanedas laser for my claptrap cause I went explosive build with the flakker so those would be pleasant assets to my arsenal. I’ll test it out once I get any of the new legendaries

I would grind whatever boss is easier for you in the dlc as long as you get a new legendary it does not matter what it is. The purple gun will decide the outcome.

I usually grind the ear worm because besides his legendary you have five glitch chests at overlook.

Yeah I’m just farming teh eart worm. its the fastest one I know of and speaking of which I just got a shock longest yard so i just need a purple laser. Thanks for the info btw i appreciate it! and also since the laser disker is a splitter would I need a splitter or just any purple laser?

Any purple laser will do! Too bad you were not on ps4 I could of dropped what you needed. Good luck!