Looking for any hex grenade/ improved re router/ flakker/ any deathless

Hi, i am looking for These items I can offer: Baby maker ++, infinity, queens/Kings call, cash-confused crossroad, Alchemist, face puncher, Kill o the whisp, conference call, resolute lyuda, Expert firestorm, crusader frontloader, re charger, back ham, roid Ward, frozen heart, rebate frontloader, Big boom blaster, moxxis bouncing pair, nagata, red Queen, div. Class mods, hot drop safeguard

Hey I can give you a flakker, any siren mods? And is that ward a shield ? If not I’ll take the queens call

For siren i got punishing lasting dragon and ■■■■ a dape Breaker. Yes the ward is a shield. My psn id is TortusRockbell

I have a shock Hex. Is that Kill O The Whisp a double projectile version? If so, I’ll take that. If not, just pass me that Alchemist.

Same name on PSN.

The whisp hasnt double projectile :confused:

All good. Can I get that Alchemist for the Hex then?

See my post, i have most of what your asking for -

I am looking for otto idols and infiltrator class mods, or a shock lyuda over 1000 dam

Is cross-platform trade possible? O_o

On ps4?

I have an alchemist if your interested. Psn RICH_RULEZ send an inv

Always on the hunt for the ultra Alchemist. Inv sent. :smiley:

I have several hex grenades, a burning flakker and regular, a few deathless also. Is that a redundant facepuncher?

Do you have any Bloodletter mods? I’ve got a Deathless and a couple of Flakkers.