Looking for anyone to raid with. UVHM 72+ (360)

Long time Borderlands player, but I just purchased xbox live and the BL2 season pass for the first time. I have done pretty much everything except beat all the raid bosses, so I’m hoping to find some players level 72-OP8 who want to try some with me. I have beat Pyro Pete a few times now in UVHM and Terramorphous once in TVHM, but thats it. I have all the others available, except Master Gee or whatever his name is. I use either Axton, Krieg, and Gaige if that matters, usually play OP4, but anything between 72 and OP8 is fine with me. Like I said, its my first time using xbox live so I’m not even sure how to connect with someone. Also, I’m on xbox 360. Thanks

Sure i can help, my gamertag is TheRealKingJosh

I can help you. Have you killed pete yet? I been farming Pere for awhile now to get an OP8 shock and corossive Shredifier.
My gamertag LeFatTurd