Looking for Atom Balm otto idol or victory rush

im looking for an atom balm otto idol or victory rush. Must have +50% mag size. Other passives that are nice but not necessary is shotgun damage, AOE, radiation damage, or any other weapon damage. My psn is Flaming-Ninjas. I have lots of artifacts,god roll class mods, and weapons to trade. I play as moze.

Do you have cutpurse/Snowdrift/ice breaker/flesh Melter Loaded dice with
Health Regen
50 mag size
No shield cap and max health.
Cutpurse one will be awesome.
PSN kenet888

I’ll check. Anything else if I don’t have any of those?

Bloodletter no Thin red line
21 Crit and AR dmg will be great

Okay i have EP loaded dice (+15% luck, cryo efficiency, weapon reload) ice spiker loaded dice (15 luck, health per sec, action cooldown) shock stone loaded dice (15 luck, electrocute chance, max health) spark plug loaded dice (15 luck, cryo resistance, FFYL duration)
BL 4 phalanx 1 desperate measures (AR damage, smg damage, Dahl crit)
BL 3 desperate measures 2 phalanx (splash damage, weapon damage, heavy weapon damage)

I will take the 4 doctrine AR dmg for
Atom Balm Otto rad, AOE and mag size.
I will check if I have VR one and get your the other com.
Going online.
Send FR please.

Whats your psn?


Sent a FR

Thanks for the trade.