Looking for Australian players

G’day guys,

Looking for mainly Aussies (due to servers) to go through advanced story with and to just play Battleborn at any time. My friend and I are really struggling on The Saboteur mission. Near on impossible with two people.

GT: xARDxBull

For Xbox One?


My bad, didn’t read that properly! Just trying to be helpful haha :sweat_smile:

All good, friend. Any sort of help is appreciated. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Yo @BullCr0w, another Aussie right here!

My GT: is S5 unit. Feel free to hit me up anytime i’m online!

Cool. Well I play with a friend currently so would be good to team up with more Aussie players. GT: Toadovsky

Awesome guys, will add both of you when I jump on a bit later.

I can pretend to be aussie.

GT: Necryre

If your having problems with aussie based servers please move all comments to this thread a dev responded so we need all the feedback we can gethttp://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/australian-servers-for-xbox-one/1414156