Looking for Axton Dahl Allegiance Build

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Can you pls pass me your skill tree for Dahl Allegiance Axton? I trying one but i don’t know what skills are good for a full Dahl Allegiance :frowning:

(Sorry for my inglish).

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Axton and Assault Rifles: An In-Depth Analysis
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Moved you to a new thread since the one you replied in was 4 years old!

I’m obviously not @Adabiviak, but I did find this listed in the Commando Master Build List collection:


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Dahl’s weapon gimmick is burst fire while aiming down the sights. The only Dahl-specific skill I find in his trees is Expertise (since it lets you zoom in and out surprisingly fast with a lot of points therein). Everything else is just your favorite ‘good gun build for Axton’. If you’re using a Legendary Soldier COM, you can probably get away with one or two points in there (since the COM will fill out the rest to an acceptable level).

I would make it a point to get a point in Do Or Die because Dahl guns are terrible for Second Winds, but Dahl Grenades get that job done.

My personal one isn’t this exactly but is pretty close: utilitarian Gemini-Nuke setup.


Just curious : is that a multi-COM build? As in, the point in Able for the L Engineer or Onslaught’s point for Rifleman and/or L Ranger?

I don’t think from my own foray into Dahl Commando that a single point in Able would keep me going. I also seem to recall that the L Pointman sacrificed too much offence for its added healing. But I presume that he’s the character that you play the most defensively.

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Ha ha! Yeah, this guy’s always on the run when Nuke is on cooldown and there are melee enemies about. :laughing:

It is a multi-COM build… I switch COMs out every time I step into a new map with all characters except Maliwan Mechromancer (she’s hooked on the L. Catalyst COM). I gave Able a tiny bit more oomph with the UCP (so it doesn’t feel like a total waste without being a ‘hit enemy :arrow_right: full health’ skill), but even still… I use the Legendary Engineer COM often to max Resourceful with the on-card cooldown bonus (Nuke is life), and a few points in Able with that COM is nice.

On topic - a Dahl allegiance relic that buffs mag size and burst delay is the most Dahl-enhancing thing in the entire game. They’re hard AF to find, but dayum.

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I’d recommend Duty Calls skill with Roland’s Scorpio rifle, or some rifle like that

Ppl here know I kinda like this skill :grin:

(Xbox Gt: TheRealKingJosh) #7

After trying out that skill with some of the Jakobs guns and comparing the damage without, it is mostly an unnecessary skill to use, and if you are to use a Scorpio Rifle and it is non-elemental
then it’s maybe ok to use, but there are so many skills you can use in that skill tree that would work better with that certain gun than duty calls. But that’s just my opinion.

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Also it’s EXCELLENT skill if he’s lucky enough to find a non-elemental Emperor smg, and very good for Lascaux and generally any Dahl smg

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why dahl, if you’re going to take advantage of this skill use a non-elemental Vladof

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Dude said he’s making Dahl allegiance bro

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I get that man, but the skill is still useless compared to the other skills in that skill tree.

PROVE ME WRONG ICECAT, i bet you can’t

Dahl wouldn’t have a big effect in rate of fire, or damage output. So it’s not worth

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No you’re right I can’t prove you wrong.
Like I said before I’ve come to like the skill alot and always get it, just my opinion

anyway what other skills would you say it’s useless compared to

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but why do you like it over the other options in that skill tree?

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See my edit

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literally everything except maybe overload, but i’d take overload over duty calls any day.

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Uh huh. Well Battlefront for instance, I never spec too much into. Way I play I use the turret almost as a glorified Holy hand grenade (nuke), even I often throw it out and recall it, so Battlefront definitely is less priority to me than Duty Calls

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I recently uploaded a good video of me playing Axton like how I like

Even I was using Veritas pistol sometimes (underrated imo) and had Duty Calls+5 and you can see it’s pretty effective

(Xbox Gt: TheRealKingJosh) #18

what op level do you play on?
veritas pistol is one of the worst pistols in the game so i’m guessing you’re not playing on op 4 or above

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i’m sure duty calls might work on op 0 but if you get to around op 4 or above you’d have to use elemental guns in order to do any sort of damage whatsoever

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That was OP0.
But I severely doubt that seeing as I got to OP6 with Axton and only weapons I saw getting worse were like etech rifles and elemental guns (again I could ref to earlier itt but I’m not gonna)