Looking for Axton Dahl Allegiance Build

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Now I KNOW that’s bs as elemental guns actually became weaker as I got higher up OPs not stronger. In other words Duty Calls became MORE valuable further I got into OP levels, especially since I picked up infinite pistol


Of all the copious incorrect statements you’ve made, that one’s the prize. Unfortunately it’s just not worth trying to explain.

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I’m afraid to say you don’t KNOW anything, you have some wild theories based on minimal experience, and assume they are facts. This isn’t a criticism, it’s a fact based on evidence.

You’re talking about one of Axton’s most underwhelming skills with one of the most underwhelming weapons in the game, and while doing so you’re trying to come across as knowledgeable. Don’t you see where this all falls down, constantly?

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I have heard the Call of my imagined Duty, and so I come forth from the shadows in the name of peace. To quote Beverly Goldberg (this is from the Highlander club episode. If you’re not watching the Goldbergs you should be), do we need to arrange a playdate? :wink:
Also, I’d like to draw @iankiller98’s attention to this specific post in the thread that @VaultHunter101 linked above.

I think the reasoning in that post is great. Dahl burst fire should have you ADS pretty often and that aim speed buff would be excellent to help you get the most out of it. Plus it aids and abets slag and swap tactics, so 2 for 1.

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If you’re playing at your level cap duty calls is only worth it for jakobs gear IMO.
Here’s how I’d run a dahl build if i was forced to

Points swapped from QC to forbearance depending on shield delay. Dahl would be one of the few times i take grit and max expertise


This simply isn’t true, it’s not top tier, but nowhere near the worst

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so your logic is, if elemental guns are getting worse than Non Elementals are getting better?
that’s incorrect, literally the only way to kill enemies in a short amount of time when you’re that high is to have slag with you, which is an element.

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my bad Piemanlee I was a little heated at the time