Looking for Axtons Guy with the Gun Head - OP8s to trade

Hey all, I just need Guy with the Gun head to complete all heads & skins for my Axton. This
is mainly down to @rockshox00 and @Sun_Tsunami who sorted me out with loads that
I was missing. :grinning::dog:

If anyone has a spare one please, that would be awesome!

Not much to trade I’m afraid…

  • shock Puissant Norfleet
  • Nasty Ogre
  • Inflammable the Bee
  • Grounded the Bee
  • 72 & OP8 Grog Nozzle

Help with this is really appreciated, cheers.

Is ‘Guy with the Gun’ the name of the head?

Yep, it’s a Poker Night 2 head, not 100% sure it’s tradable so may need some
extra kind soul to let me have a spare if they have one.

It’s not a head that can be dropped. It is only available thru shift once you have unlocked the heads and skin from the poker 2 game on PS3. Even after you unlock the heads you have to get in touch with Gearbox with an image that you have unlocked them because the game has a flaw that it doesn’t put them in your shift account automatically. Then you have to upload your character to ps4 if you want them on the HC.

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Ahhh bummer, thanks for the heads up sun. No chance of this one then as I only got
into BL2 when THC came out, on the plus side it does sound like more of a ball ache
than it’s worth!

Are these the community head and day skins???

No, they are heads and skin that can be unlocked from winning poker tournaments. There are 4 heads (Salvador, Maya,Gaige,and Axton) and 1 skin (Zero).

I got your psn message I don’t think I want them that much to go through all that