Looking for Bandita Brave head TPS

Has anyone got this head they can give me? I don’t have much on pre sequel but I can give op8 legendarys on borderlands2 in return. :slight_smile:

I can farm one for you

Thank you so much :smiley:
My GT is TG StormZz

I’m sorry i’ve been farming the sentinel for 3 hours and he still hasn’t dropped it

It’s ok thank you so much for trying :smile:

All i’ve found was the heads for the gladiator and enforcer, couple of zx-1s and a bunch of class mods… and a shotgun that shoots exploding pumpkins

I’ll still give you the OP8 loot for helping :wink:

No thanks i don’t need them

I’m pretty sure I have it. Let me just install the game and you can have it

I do have it