Looking for Battleborn Ringtones!

I’m not sure if anyone out there has gotten hold of usable sound clips for ringtones and such, but I was hoping to create a place for them to be compiled. I’ve seen the one offered by Gearbox on the official site, but I’m sure everyone can think of more. (I would love to get my hands on the cooldown sound effect as a text tone.)

I have seen this thread which mentions how to pull audio from steam. But us console users seem to be SOL.

Love to get some feedback on this! :grin:

You mean this page? I’d personally like a few Shayne and Aurox ones. I want that teen detective soundbite pretty badly.

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Yeah! Hopefully they (ahem Gearbox ahem) will add to the official site too. Reyna’s sass needs to be available too.

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I might change my text tone from mass effect for this however my ringtone will always be dedicated to mass effect. It got updated with every new mass effect and is and will stay the leaving earth music until andromeda comes out. Sorry gearbox :frowning:

I have “yeah well F**** you guys too” as my ringtone. It’s really the only one that comes even remotely close to a real ringtone.

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