Looking for Battlebros

Greetings everyone on PS4, I am just looking for people who want to have a good time playing the game. I play both PvE and PvP (currently working on Ghalt’s PvE lore) and would like some matches without randoms. So if you want to just hang out and have fun then add me: SebassTheHotShot

I have a mic, play time varies on the day, and am in CST (GMT -6)

Go ahead and send an add my way

PSN VonStoogiN

PS4 player here with mic. Been looking for some casual friends ot play battleborn with as well. add me on PSN hotrods324

Add me if you want psn Lleed

ill add you later 2day
im cmt +1
Psn: Sai-Madus

If you can handle a little bit of swearing and tons of pun (See what I did there) you can add me

PSN: Credible23