Looking for BattleBuds!

While I can (and certainly sometines do) grumble about people with higher command ranks going up against me and roflstomping my glorious ego into the dirt…I ain’t here for that!

I’m here to kill two birds with one stone, folks. Anyone on PS4 wanna become friends and play matchmaking/story together to just get better while having fun and LEARN?

I know I’m tired of playing alone, so hit me up! Your rank doesn’t matter to me so long as you’re willing to have fun, be goofy and cooperate.

PSN ID: Shuwze

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Anyone is welcome!

Hey mate! Dropped you to the PS4 online play section, you’ll have much better chances here.

Best of luck.

Much appreciated!

I’m down - recycledhuman

But only if you call us battlebros

Feel free to send me the friend request!

I’d be down for some multiplayer goodness(any mode is fine with me). Just to note though I live in Australia so time disparity/internet and all that. I’ll add you when I get on.

No worries, BattlePal. Montana and I are ready to whittle.

Add NightfallAurora. I played quite a bit during the beta. Finally picked the game up. Time to get my unlocks @@

Will do! Actually I can’t because your settings dont permit friends. Add me instead.

Cant add you.

Good day sir! might I inquire as to what region you are in? I am looking for people to pursue victory with, however I have a somewhat limited play window due to a full time job and other pesky responsibilities.

Pacific standard time, north america.

Add me if you want i like everything but incursion PSN is my fourrn name ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

If anyone is down or all for that matter i made a multiconsole team if interest check my bio to be able to contact me easier

Excellent, I will shoot you a request, it should either show up as GanksLikeGaston or Esrith Kai.

hey guy, psn: pyroclasm91, usually on everynight bro. working on lore challenges

I totally know what you mean!
My PSN ID is: delcynn

I would kindly assist a fellow gentleman. As I am looking for people to have a grand old time with

PSN: SebassTheHotShot