Looking for best mod for this build

I am looking for the best mod for the build I have for Psycho. I want to mention that I am looking for help and critiques, not forcing you to follow this build. Also, a good relic would be very helpful too.


HNNNGGGH! Sickle to the eye see red!

A leg. Sickle is no doubt the best for a build like this. But you should put points into Fuel the Blood, an amazing skill.
Spec out of blood trance, it’s terrible for a normal melee build.

Hey mate. Welcome to the forum!

Would it be alright if I asked which weapons you’re using?

Also, I see you’re invested in Blood trance. Do you find it difficult to keep your HP up when facing of with several enemies?

I just said that.

Light the fuse only works up to OP3.
Nervous blood isn’t very useful on a melee Krieg.

I haven’t really started Kreig, just setting one up for right now. I am using a non-elemental Assault Rifle, Bladed Shotgun, Shock SMG for sheilds, and Rocket Launcher until I grab Light the Fuse.

You gave him a statement, I asked him a question.

It sounded rhetorical, never mind.

I would actually opt out of a bladed shotgun.

Krieg is an oddity. The only two bladed weapons that effectively raise him up are the Law and Rapier. There are guides which explain it far better than I could.

I’ve yet to test light the fuse since the patch in UVHM, but when I do, I’ll tell you whether or not it worked effectively. I can tell you in NM and TVHM, it was quite effective.

Please keep us updated. I very much suspect that over time, your build with conform to your playstyle and really suit you. Planning ahead is always smart but you’ll find that you have plenty of unforeseen strengths to play to.

I think I’ll use the Rapier instead of a bladed shotgun, thanks for the tip, now all I need is a mod.

Blue Scream Sickle. For now, later a Leg Sickle.

I really wish I could help with that. Oh! One more thing.

If you do Stick with Light the Fuse, I’d consider Redeem the Soul, as it does add 50% more FFYL time. (I’d consider it regardless, especially in co-op play, should you be partial to it.)

Don’t hesitate to keep us update, there are also some early build guides in the Krieg resources.

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I’ve tweaked my build to use Light the Fuse at OP8- so far it’s kind of 50-50. If the enemy are slagged before I get to LtF and I can toss the dynamite fast enough I can kill them (this is were a slag Bouncing Betty helps). If the slag wears off, or if they’re completely health it’s respawn time… :sunglasses:

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If you’re using Light The Fuse you don’t need Bloody Revival since that only works in FFL- I’d suggest putting those points into Bloodbath or Blood Overdrive instead. Also, Redeem the Soul instead of Pull The Pin- with Light The Fuse the extra FFL time from Redeem The Soul will help greatly…
As for class mods: http://borderlands.wikia.com/wiki/Class_Mod_(Borderlands_2)

It’s a solid dps boost for melee, outside of boss fights it works great if you know what you’re doing. The bad aspect of it is that it’s too deep in a tree that gives no healing outside of kills so players are stuck with a bloodlust-mania melee spec if they want to use it.

As I said, terrible for normal builds. Not all.