Looking for BL players - BL1 (x360) BL2 & TPS (xbone)

BeardedXBatman - XBL

I just wanna play some borderlands, dude! matchmaking is no good so we gotta murder team the old fashion way. is it old fashion way or old fashioned way? or is it a *tomato/tomato thing?

BeardedXBatman - XBL

SO! i’ve got the original borderlands on 360 and i’ve got the handsome collection on xbox one. if you wanna play any of them, add me on XBL. the more, the merrier.

BeardedXBatman - XBL

*tomato and tomato may look the same but they’re pronounced completely different. amazing.

my gamertag is BeardedXBatman in case you missed it.

I like the cut of your jib young man

What part of the world are you in? and are you using a mic? To me a mic is the absolute minimum if your playing a co-op game.

I have The Handsome Colleciton and BL1 & BL2 on the 360, but I am waiting for Backwards compatiability for BL1 as my disc drive in the 360 is acting up.

Timezone: UK (GMT)
Gamertag: CGANacMacFeegle
Mic: Yes
BL1: Yes
THC: Yes

I will be on alot iun the evening next week, wife is away ooooh yeah.

good to meet you. i’m american, west coast PST. i use the kinect for a mic. it works fine but it has trouble picking my voice up at night (which is usually when i play) cause i try not to be too loud when my daughter is asleep. its never much of an issue though. i only ever play BL with friends, so my characters are pretty low level. i was thinking of starting new characters anyway though. but i have a 34 psycho, 14 salvador and 11 maya on BL2 and a 14 wilhelm on TPS so if youve got a character that’s close to any of those, im fine playing that.

thats about it. i’ll add you on XBL next time i sign on.

No problems, except if your playing late at night, PST is about 8 hours behind GMT, so it’s unlikely we will be on at the same time.

I have a Siren about 32ish, currently a mule for some of my gear, and a 36 Psycho still on first play through.