Looking for BL2 / BLPS power level - ps4

Hey all, id like to play bl2 / blps on my ps4, but after completeling them on pc i really cant be bothered to slowly grind the levels out - is there anyone that can take me into a high level zone or something and power me up to max level?

I hope this is allowed, thanks.

It’s allowed, but you’ll get better answers if you post it in the proper section. One of our domesticated moderators can probably help you to move this post.

Powerleveling is totally OK, but I still recommend that you go through it at least once. The characters takes some getting used to, and it’s a lot easier to do that on lower levels. UVHM and OP levels are quite unforgiving. Especially if you don’t have good gear.

Best of luck to you, though, and enjoy the game. It’s great!

Thanks bud!, i have played through both games before, just on pc haha, ive had the handsome collection on ps4 for a while, but just cannot bring my self to grind through it all to get up to max level :confused:

In that case, I can totally understand you! I’m on PC, so you’ll have to wait until someone else comes along.

Aye thanks bud, ill wait until someone replies for the ps4. :slight_smile:


What time zone are you? I could help you with some leveling if we are close, might be on at same times. I’m u.s. central.

Well, im GMT- living in the UK, but im on real late most days, so time isnt really an issue for me.