Looking for BL2/BLTPS players

Anyone wanna do a full playthrough of Borderlands 2 and/or The Pre Sequel? Full as in the whole nine yards, main story, side quests, dlc, True and Ultimate Vault Hunter mode, even a little bit of legendary farming along the way.
Send a message to my PSN if you’re interested: UltimateNova434.
I have a lot of time on my hands since school just let out for the summer.
I’d like people who have a mic but if you don’t, no worries.

I’ll play through the The Pre Sequel with you as i’m pretty much done with 2, psn is Wafflebro99 i’ll add you as soon as im on. I don’t have a mic if thats okay

sounds good.

I’m down to run through either game. Im free weekends mostly but during the week just message me when you want to join up. I do have a mic

What’s your PSN?