Looking for Blast Master, Bloodletter, Recurring/Mirv Tacular Rad Hex

Hello. I’m looking for the said above class mods with +Splash Damage bonus, Also The above mentioned grenade.
I have other damage type Mirv Tacular Hex grenades and a whole bunch of other stuff for trade.
Playing on PC, Ingame name : Nize2864

o you are on pc lol you got any cryo Zane bits or Amana Rad/elemntal bits?

By Bits you mean class mods or weapons with those class anoits ? I got both i think.

for Zane i really need a legend cryo artifact (ice breaker) and anything else with anointed for cryo, for Amana i need a high rad damage gun and anything anoiunted for Phasegrasp

pop me a invite in epic games and i can show you what i got ingame. got few bank characters so i gotta go through them lol…

Got a blast master with 28% splash damage if you want. I’d like a shock mirvtacular

You’ve got a deal!
Find me ingame. Nize2864.

I’ve sent a request. Hop in my session when you’re ready

Still looking for Bloodletter mod with Splash damage and Recurring rad hex .