Looking for Bloodletter COM (DONE)

Trade completed. Check out my other thread for trading!

I can check out my stash 2morrow when I get on pretty sure I have the mod just not sure if it has the rolls you want

Post rolls and I’ll lyk if interested. If not ideal rolls I will trade one but not all of these items for it.

Do you have a level 50 Low-Life class mod with +3 (or higher) desperate measures?

No sorry. The items I listed are all I have that are not in use currently. I’ll keep my eye out though.

I have one with +2 for desperate measures and phalanx doctrine and +1 in thin red line. The rolls are +31% shotgun damage, +10% atlas damage+50% vladof accuracy, if you are interested.

Oof bad rolls but I’ll take it but I’ll only trade one of these items for it.

Here’s another I got this morning if you want this one instead.

Better. Will for sure trade one of these items for it. If you have a good Stop-Gap, Re-Charger, or MIRV Hex I’ll throw in an extra item for each.

Unfortunately I don’t have any of those. If you don’t mind I’ll trade the second blood letter for the phasezerker com.

Sure no problem. Which other item would you like besides the Phasezerker? Let me know and let me know your gamertag so I can invite you. My gamertag is tRiicksters.

If you want to throw in the caustic or incendiary crossroad that will be great. My great is jflake05

My mistake, I thought you meant you were gonna trade BOTH of your Bloodletters to me. If it’s just the second one I will trade ylu the Phasezerker.

Oh I can give you both.

Actually I just wana do Phasezerker for the second COM if you don’t mind. Sorry. I sent you an invite.

I have no use for them so figured you can have the coms too

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