Looking for Bloodletter, Cosmic Stalker & more

Looking for:

MOST NEEDED [Will accept level 50]

Bloodletter (+3 Desperate Measures/+2 Phalanx Doctrine) - Weapon Damage, Splash Damage and Mag Size
Cosmic Stalker (+3 Big Game/+2 Interplanetary Stalker) - Weapon Damage, ASCD and either Pistol Damage, Sniper Damage or Mag Size

[Level 53]

• Devils Foursum (Shock) - 160% Splash After Exiting IB
• Redistributor (Radiation or Corrosive) - 125% Fire Next 2 Mags
• Conference Call (Fire and Corrosive) - 100% Damage on ASE

Let me know what you’d like in exchange and I’ll see if I have it.

I don’t have much for Amara or anything for Zane really when it comes to anointments and class mods