Looking for bloodletter

perfect would be +3 desperate and +2 red line

I don’t have one like that at the moment, but I’ve been selling off a bunch as they drop from unrelated combat. I’ll keep an eye out for one until I find one or someone else replies with one.

thanks. my rng has been trash lately and im only getting phalanx ones

You, uh, lookin’ for a SMG in the meantime? I’m workin’ Killavolt over at MM10 (can’t tell what level the loot is though), and he’s dropping some otherwise decent stuff that I’m selling off because it doesn’t fit my allegiance.

edit - scratch that! Just got a Monarch… off to other pastures. :slightly_smiling_face:

im doing cartel atm. looking for a new 300 yellowcake that hast over 40k damage. but what would you trade the classmod for, should you get it?

Does Bloodletter even come in that configuration? The only version I have seen that has 2 bonuses is to Phalanx Doctrine and Desperate Measures. If it has Thin Red Line it always has 3. At least that’s all I have ever seen so maybe it’s just me? I do have a lot of these however so I may have something you want if you don’t mind another configuration.

I’m looking for a Frozen Snowshoe shield (preferably with an anoint that Moze can use) if you happen to have one.

Unless you’re sitting on a spare Earworm, Thumper, Stauros’ Burn, or Backburner, it’s free, but it sounds like @Sidartha has one ready to go (I still haven’t had one drop yet).