Looking for Bone Blinder Axton Head and Lv15- Fabled Tortoise

Title says it all. I only have some vanilla Lv50 gear, The Fierce and Flowery Skin, and The Baron head in my possession.
Gear I am willing to Trade for the things I am looking for:
Norfleet (All Elements)
Lyuda (All Elements except Non-Elemental)
Bitch (Fire, Corrosive, Shock)
Pitchfork (Fire, Corrosive, and Slag)
Badaboom (Shock)
Lv 3 Quik Drawler Badaboom
Conference Call (Corrosive)
Thunderball Fists
Sham (94%)
Hide of Terramorphous (Inflammable, Alkaline, Grounded)
The Bee (Inflammable, Grounded)
Logan’s Gun (Lv 16)
Longbow Slag Bouncing Bonny
Homing Quasar
Legendary Hunter, Beserker, and Soldier
Bone of the Anicents (Fire, Corrosive, Shock)
Again, reminder that everything above is Lv 50. If you are interested, my PSN is hellournameis. Just send a message so I know. :slight_smile:

Please state the gear level you are after, I have level 72 and op8 gear you may want to check my post

The gear I want is in the title, and I have no use for anything above Lv 50, since I have no DLC. :frowning:

Add my psn: louischua I may have some level 50 gear you need

Do you have a Lv15 or lower Fabled Tortoise (Basically 3000 or lower Shield Capacity) or a Bone Blinder Head? I’m not really looking for any Lv50 gear, pretty set in that category.