Looking for borderland group

Looking for some people to play bordlands partners for ps4 gotta have a mic. Get at me on here or just ad me on psn my ID is NoTOrioUS_sKillS

Mostly on between 12 am and 6 am eastern time unless I have the day off in which case any time after 2 pm I’m playing

Got you moved to the PS4 section. Happy looting!

I would say yes, but normally during those hours I am sleeping for class. On the weekends though, I am good.
My PSN is PerfectDisasterM.

Im going to add you bro what lvl are you?

28 baroness and low lvl everything else

Ok i got lvl 19 jack and low lvls

Ps i play late at night all the time like you. I been trying since release to.get group together

Yeah nobody has nice when you search through match making

Mics* autocorrect hates me