Looking for Borderlands 2 full playthrough partner

I purchased the handsome collection a few months ago,dabbled in borderlands 2 a little, and then did a full TPS playthrough myself. I absolutely love these games. I am now looking to do a Borderlands 2 game with a full time partner! I like to do all side quests and am really into the story of the game. I have just started 2 characters because im unsure of which to actually carry on with haha, Axton or Kreig.

Hmu if youd like to be playthrough partners! Im 21 and I live in New Zealand, I play pretty much every night, for hours at a time usually. Let me know your play times and class choice :slight_smile:

Must have mic, be up for a good laugh and chat and really into the story!

I wouldn’t mind being your partner but since I live on the East Coast of America, there’s an 18 hour time difference.

I’m not saying we can’t still be playthrough partners but making play times might come down to whenever you and I are on at the same time.

(If you need a specific time, I’m pretty much on anytime after 12 PM EST till about 1 or 2 AM EST)

I’m a pretty good guy to play games with and I’ve put hundreds of hours into Borderlands 2.

If you’re interested, send me a Friend Request (Got a mic and everything)
PSN is nitewolf225

That could work pretty well man because when I’ll be going on at like 5pm
after work that’s 11pm for you I think. And on the weekends I play pretty
much all day. Plus, as of the 20th December I’ll be able to play pretty
much anytime as I won’t be working.

I’ll add you now bro I’m keen to see if we can jam this!

I wouldn’t mind doing a UVHM playthrough sometime. I’ve got a Level 72 Zero and Maya.