Looking for Borderlands 2 Players around lvs 30-50

I just started my True Vault Hunter play through and no one seems to be joining my games. Feel free to drop in my gamertag is B1ueinferno. A little lower than 30 and a little higher than 50 is okay but im lv 36 and i dont want lv 72 people making the game too easy.

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Hey my GT is Ragegamer83010 hi me up whenever you can

GT: SouthCalTrojans Looking for people to play with. Can find anyone online. Im trying to farm and get to OP8

Ill be on in about an hour for a little bit. Im about lv 40 right now

I got characters of all different lvls.
Anyone, feel free to add me.
I’m on PS4
IGN = ArchIsChompa

There is a known issue with Matchmaking for the Xbox One version of THC. GBX is working on the issue, but there is unfortunately no ETA on a fix since the exact cause has yet to be determined. This only appears to affect the Xbox One version on THC. That would explain why no one is joining your game, when you have it set to Public.

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Hey, lvl 40 Sirene here.
Looking for players to play and farm with.

GT: Beatzz2k

Just add me and send a message that you are from here :slight_smile:

Gt Dredd04 anyone can add me. Characters at different levels

My gamertag is weedpanties