Looking for Borderlands 3 Players for XBOX ONE!

Brothers In Arms (BIA) is a XBOX CO-OP PVE ( NON-COMPETITIVE) Looting & Shooting Clan/Team where Newbies and ALL skill levels are welcomed, and we play for fun. BIA is about playing together in a friendly, non-competitive, safe and positive gaming experience/atmosphere for everyone…FREE from: Competitive Game Play, Judgement, Drama, Grieving Others, Toxicity, Harassment/Cyperbullying, Trash Talking Potty Mouths, Team Killing (Going Rogue), Loot Hoarding / Stealing and Cheating. BIA (core) values are: Honour/Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, Communication. Good Sportsmanship and Esprit de Corps (unity, camaraderie, and loyalty).

If you love playing CO-OP PVE looter/shooters like Borderlands 3…Sign Up @ www.bia-xbox.org and send a FR to GT: xxxTRISTAMxxx

I will send sending out clan invites to thoese who are intersted in joining BIA. Thanks

Looking for more players to play Borderland 3 and to work together as team and hve fun!

I send out some invites and thanks. Looking forwad to playing with you all.

Its great ot here were are getting new content for next gen xbox.

Still looking for new members for Borderlands 3. All skill levels are welcomed!

Played Borderlands 3 with Clan last night had great iime. Thanks

What if you don’t talk trash, but have a potty mouth? :smiley:

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