Looking For Boss Nova, Baby Boomer, Level 70

As the title says I am looking for any flavor of these. In return I have LVL 70/60/50 stuff and also heads and skins (vehicle ones too).
Feel free to ask me…

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Do you have a Corrosive mongol or a (Shock) Night pitchfork?

Sorry I dont have those.


I have both the flayer and revolution. Mesavage me on XBL GT: BTK420247

I am still looking for Flayer and P.Revolution Level 70 ?

Invite me to a game

I have a doc’s flayer and a rustlers flayer as well as a few different revolutions, all level 70. My gamertag is Kurtdawg13 on 360. hit me up! I love to co-op! I’ll give them away if you have nothing that I like. :wink:

I am looking for the voodoo doll head for nisha. if you can accommodate I will give you my ruslter’s flayer or docs flayer. I can also provide a burning revolution, a shock version an the vengeful non-elemental revolution. gamertag Kurtdawg13 on 360.

ISent you friend rquest

Sent you friend request

I think my 360 died. It freezes on start up.

I should be home in about an hour. I’ll hit you up to see if you wanna co-op.

Kurtdawg, if you have no luck send me an invite and we can farm for it. I want to farm for the meganades and Thunderfire in Subconscious and am having trouble finding online players.


DKSWW, what time are you online? I am on the west coast, USA. I’ll be online this evening around 4pm Pacific Standard Time.

usually in the evenings past 6 PST and on weekends. I live in CO so time difference shouldn’t be a problem.

Perfect. I co-op with a buddy in Colorado almost daily. should work out just fine. :smile:
I"ll be online tonight around 4pm PST and will be on most of the evening so I’ll keep a look out for you.