Looking for brand new bl2 players (PS4) to prog thru a new game! (non twinked chars only)

Hey! So I don’t know if this will work, but its worth a shot.

I’m looking for anyone (at least one other but the more the better!) who’s pretty much brand new to bl2 to start a new game with me from scratch and play thru till the end of the normal mode.

I’m looking to find someone who’s never come close to completing the game’s normal mode before and optimally is a total newb still learning the game’s fundamentals like I am. Because learning the game (and learning it with other people at the same time) is super fun!!

claptrap hi-five!!

I would also like it if said new person doesn’t come in with any borrowed/twinked gear at all from any other playthroughs…so like - everything we equip is stuff we found on this specific playthrough. Truly a start from scratch and someone who has yet to really delve into the story/normal mode at all…

I’m also going to post this on the gamefaqs forum bc why not? also if anyone that is a vet can reccomend any other forums for me to try and find people on, please let me know. I would appreciate it, really!

I am pacific time and work 9-5 PM M-F. I like playing until super late and optimal time I can play would be between uhh 8 PM Pacific time until…4 AM pacific time? Haha. I’m a nite owl.

I am on most nights and weekends as well and would be willing to patiently wait till you come on to continue our progress. Hope you would do the same :0

I have a mic and yeah feel free to talk during game.

PM me or respond to this thread

Ok…3, 2, 1, SEND

What platform do you play on so I can move you to the proper section?

I appreciate it. I am on the PS4. Thanks for the quick response! I’m sorry - I’m new to this forum obviously :stuck_out_tongue:

let me know what section you move this to. It seems a bit confusing going through the subsections of the gearbox forums

Done, I have you moved ot the PS4 co-op and trading section, that is where people look for games. You should have better luck here.

Also welcome to the forums, good luck in finding people to play with.

Thanks Derch!

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i will be more than happy to play with you i was looking for someone too the games kinda boring solo whats your gamertag


ill shoot you a friend request when i get home i might have a mic it depends on my headphones if they want to work or not haha should be about 2 hours ill be home

This is great and I can’t wait. I’ll be on later for sure.

It would even be cooler if we can get one single more person to prog with us! Anyone who hasn’t gotten more than like…half way through the normal play through that wants to give it a go?

I can play almost every day between the hours of 7:30 PM pacific time and like…4 am pacific time btw.

I work 9-5 PM Pacific time Monday thru Friday.

oh i thought wed both start from scratch i dont have a character half way through…

yeahh!!! We will start from scratch! And progress through just with us and maybe one more perosn who would also start from scratch

when i mentioned that the other new person wasn’t more than half way through, I meant that they can start a fresh char with us as long as they dont have ANOTHER char that is like more than half way tthru :0

ok i can host when i get back my internet is pretty good or you can doesnt matter idk what character i wanna be

Awesome! You can be whatever you want. I’d like to roll as either Maya, Axton, or Krieg. Either one of those 3 is equally fine with me depending what you (and potentially another person if we pick up a 3rd squad member) are looking to be :0

And I can play tonight if we find a 3rd person. If we can’t find a 3rd person by tonight, I would like to give it ONE more night (till tomorrow) to find the 3rd person. And if we can’t find a 3rd by then, we can start it with just us two. Is that okay?

That that will work prefer us all to have Mics too that would be best and I’m thinking Gaige or axton not sure yet

nice! I have a mic too and I would prefer us all to have mics

OK, so that people don’t have to read through 1,000 messages to decipher the current status of events, so far it is me and zach that are new players - - - and we’re looking for one more new player (new as in like… no further than half way through the normal story mode with any other character) to start a completely fresh game with us.

1)The fresh play through would have no borrowed items from any other play throughs you may have done.
2) Also, we would only level up these specific fresh characters with each other. Both of us are pretty active and look forward to doing it.

So yeah, if we can find one more player that fits this description to play with us by tonight, we can start tonight. We are looking to start one way or the other by tomorrow night at the latest. So hopefully we get the third person by then!

I’ll stop adding posts onto this thread now unless I get any fresh bites.