Looking for brand new bl2 players (PS4) to prog thru a new game! (non twinked chars only)

If you don’t mind taking along someone that just has a 67, I am interested. As zach said, this game can get kinda boring solo, and my 67 was almost exclusively that, so playing with the same folks consistently would be pretty fun. Let me know what ya think, and if not then good luck and happy hunting!

We still need one more :0

Zak couldn’t really work out the pacific time weeknight time slot (he’s eastern time etc) so me and theatchead are waiting for one more person newish to the game looking to prog with us.

For more specifics, see my original post. We’re aiming to do after 8 PM pacific time weeknights Mon-Thurs on a quasi-consistent basis with just the three of us (him, me, and the one other new person).

I’m down to start a new game on normal anyway. I’m wanna try out other characters besides my gunzerker. Got a mic and feel free to add me at MistahAnonymous

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Hey Jay!

Check out the private message on this forum that I sent you and respond back! Let me know if you didn’t get the message I sent

Thanks for all your responses! We started playing last night. If there is a way to close/delete this topic, please do so (because I cant…seem to find the proper “button”).

Otherwise, happy hunting! And thank you Gearbox forums for being an accessible HUB for Borderlands players so late into the game’s release. :o