Looking for brawler ward shield

Annointed or zane annointed preference

Ask what u need

Gamertag Unfaithful_kthx

I’ve got a brawler ward 13% rad resist with anoited 5% hp regen/sec for a time after skill use.

What u need

Phasezerker or bloodletter mod
Fire crossroads
Mirv tacticlur cyro
deathless elemental projector
Any interesting anoited weapons

Have one
Do u have any moze anointed gear/mods
Elemental projector deathless?

I have a rocket hive annointed 125 more dps on boss. Cutsman smg electric annointed 100%meelee dps after a skill

Double penetrating laser sploter electric, double penetrating roisen

Stop gap annointed 20% reduced dmg and 12% speed

Dont have any of those :confused:

I have a grave artefact

I have one but its level 32

Have one
Do u have:
Anointed shredifiers/lucian call/transformer shield?

Have anoited one