Looking for Build Advice

I’m looking on getting all my characters setup at level 50, i’m pretty set on Amara and FL4K, not sure about Zane or Moze, so i’m asking for help with Zane for now.

This is what I ended up with by the end of levelling:

The augments chosen are Bad Dose, Static Field, Schadenfreude and Digital Distribution, using Clone and Drone.

Gear is no problem, I can farm anything required and have several items already for him (class mods), i’m looking for advice on what build with which class mod is good for endgame solo play, including bosses, on Mayhem 3.

Thanks in advance.

you have no cool down and no action skill duration you will struggle mate there are plenty of builds already posted in this thread just take 5 mins to search for them.

this is my personal advice.

I facepuncher the clone with knife drain white elephant or cut purse white elephant pending on weapon type. I use scourges atm so cutpurse is a must. Being clone/sentinel I look for bonus damage while sentinel is active or at action skill end. Because I can use annoited I go for cool down reduction. And avoid time/duration extenders or resets. Go all terror and then those aspects could be considered.

I advise against Duct Tape, Drone Delivery has twice the cooldown, but it’s one point instead of five. I also suggest picking brainfreeze, it’s one of his best skills, even without CCC the ability yo freeze and disable enemies is well worth the investment.

Duct tape mod is a terrible skill.

Even if it was 1 point for the current level 5 effect, it would be highly situational.


COV launchers are good to give to the Clone. Particularly Chukkas (elemental “flamethrowers”) and the Shredda (purple blade launcher). Saw it on mopioid’s stream. He’s doing a pet focused playthrough and is choosing to only use pet damage to kill bosses (he’s either almost done or finished with TVHM M3). He used Chukkas for a long time, to great effect. The Shredda launchers pretty much do what it says on the tin, even to annointed.

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With your current build, looks like you could use an infiltrator com with a band of sitorak shield to have some good, speed based damage, along with your clone shooting out rockets and whatnot.

I would suggest something different though. Sorta similar to that other guy’s build, but if you want a build that’s good almost all the time, maybe try something like this.

I’ve been using clone with which one’s real/schadenfreude and barrier with all round/nanites or some ■■■■■. No action skill duration because the way I’ve been playing it, I can alternate between having the clone and barrier out because they have similar durations and cooldowns. It works well, against both mobs and bosses, because you can keep your kill skills and “on action skill end” anointements up practically all the time. It’s especially cool with the terror anointments. I can have my terror up all the time, giving me constant ammo regen and other boosts.

Oh, and it works great with the executor com. Preferably without points in good misfortune.