Looking for Build Tips for Zane


Have been playing through game on FL4K all the way up to Mayhem Mode lvl 4, about to start working on Zane. For those who have already been playing him, Im curious as to what you have found works well on the upper-tier difficulties.

I’m concerned about his reliance on kill skills working against him with bullet-spongy enemies (especially in the Hitman tree, which sucks cause I like the idea of the SNTNL drone). Has anyone found this to be an issue?

Best I can tell it looks like its best to focus on the digi-clone tree with some additional points in the shield tree.

Any recommendations would be welcome.

I just got my Zane to 50 this morning. From tips of the people here start with Synchronicity 5/5, to get your damage up. Clone and SNTL will help with dmg for mobbing and the shield is best for harder enemies and bosses. Do not limit yourself from switching. Once You get Sync 5/5 start on Donnybrook for healing and use binary system with clone for some AOE’s. Then put a point in Fractal Frags if you plan to hang on to clone. Next is a toss up between Violent Momentum and Ready for Action. If you go green tree, get to 2 in brain freeze and 3 in Adrenaline to get to Confident Competence and All-Rounder/Nanites. If you go Blue, get to Drone Delivery after Momentum and start with some kill skills, Violent Speed/Salvation and Death Follows Close.

After those initial skills to boost dmg at lower lvls, you can respec to start tuning your play style since you can go one full tree after if you decide, or mixing matching.

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The following is just one of many viable M4 mobbing builds.


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Goin to try that one tonight, been struggling with my clone on M4. If I forget to swap to clones double barrel weapon, it can put me in a big bind compared to lower Mayhem levels.

Can you please post your build?

The video you just quoted is his build, with an in depth explanation of every choice in it.

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I’m a fan of reading not watching someone’s YouTube

Weird stipulation but you do you. Coulda had the build 3 weeks ago, but to this day you don’t I guess. Have fun out there.