Looking for Burning Summit!

Hello I’m searching the web looking for ways to get this item but no such luck, if anyone has item please please help me out if u can drop/mail it to me, looking for Lvl 50 Non Anointed Burning Summit (grenade mod). Tyreen supposedly mails it out random. Please help. Thnks.

GT - AKlokwrkMrOrnge

Check out this site, might help:

Regarding to this site the Burning Summit is sent by mail by Tyreen to random players, not sure what that means exactly. The Earworm is dropped by Graveward. I don’t remember I had the Earworm dropped, but I farmed Graveward hundreds of times.

I’ve been farming Graveward for months now, missed the Boss event. Read online that he drops it, but also read that it was only available for that one event like the Bloody Harvest stuff.

I farmed Graveward on the boss event in TVHM M4. Not too many times, maybe 20-30, because I had other guns I wanted to farm, but he didn’t drop it on the event. Sometimes the drop rates are messed up. I went farming for x gun on TVHM M4 and I had no luck, went back to Normal mode, and I got what I wanted on the 5th kill.

Sent the Earworm. Never even heard of the Burning Summit though.

Thank u, thank u, thank u. Its been such a long effort for this gun. I extremely appreciate the help.

Only need a Burning Summit Lvl 50 Non Anointed if anyone got it from Tyreen’s Mail.

Well now I need both of these things. I think I’ve started a rabbit hole I shouldnt have tonight

No kidding dude. Now I want to see these things.

Here they are, Earworm plays awesome hard rock music as u use it. Was only available from Graveward during that boss week event. Burning Summit is a jab at Summit 1g not very useful since it sets u on fire right away but hard to find and awesome to have in collection.5da0cb18c259147905e09cb8_Earworm-BL3 5dbc40e63c085d135abbbfe9_Burning Summit-BL3

Where did you find the Burning Summit? Was it a world drop or it’s a dedicated drop?

Two different people have me them, but I’m looking for one Non Anointed. Willing to trade one of the Anointed ones for it.

I see. I don’t have any of them, but I know the Earworm drops from Graveward. But I was curious about what that Burning Summit being sent by “Tyreen mail” means.

Im on the band wagon now too,lol! Im wondering if there is a COV grenade, and maybe 100 kills with it might reward us with the burning summit??

When I say mailed from Tyreen u literally check ur mail and she randomly sends the grenade mod to u, nothing specific u can do. I asked 2K and this is their reply,

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