Looking for C00l Friendly peeps to run with on ps4

hello fellow bl slayers.
ive been having some difficulty finding good people to run with on the ps4 community.
seems like theres a majority of peeps who like to boot me as soon as i come in game or even worse,
wait till ive helped them up off the ground,killed the boss,or thrown out a bunch of gold weapons for them and Then they toss me out.
it happens so often im baffled,so hence the post.

my ps4 handle is EvilAg3nttttman
its a spoof of austin powers.
my account name is Ludicrous Speed.
another spoof from Spaceballs.
im a casual player who loves the game,is willing to learn new tricks,.and supports his friends as much as possible.
please shoot me a message or friend request if youd like to let me run n gun with you for a bit.
ps,i run a Zane build.

bump…seriously hope this isnt how the whole playstation community really is…

Same position as you dude. Thousands upon thousands r playing this game but I can’t get a buddy or two to play it with either. Something about how the game works online now as opposed to how it used to work for BL2 seems to be part of the problem. Also, unless you live pretty much next door to your online buds, I believe lag can make things almost unplayable?. If you are UK based HMU otherwise not much point unfortunately. (Traksta1). Also a happy Zane.