Looking for Casual Friends (Eastern Time)

Hello folks,

My girlfriend and I are looking for some casual players to play and chat with on occasion. It’s a game, we don’t want to take things too seriously. We mostly play PVE / story missions working our way through hardcore mode and advance difficulty, but we do PVP from time to time to mix it up.

A little about me; I am 27 living in Ontario, Canada. I play quite a few games (most recent is dark souls 3 and stardew Valley). My girlfriend has more gaming and MMO experience than myself (played WoW for over 8 years).

I work throughout the day so I play at night and some weekends if I’m not doing other stuff. I generally play around 7pm-11pm EST (eastern time), if I don’t have chores to take care of.

My PSN is The_Endwalker add and send me a message if you want to play together


serrus_klaive :psn

Feel free to add me and hang whenever. I prefer pve but will play annything

I play around 9 pm to 11 pm EST Monday - Thursday. Longer on Friday and Saturday nights. Iv only had Battleborn for a few days so I’m still new to the game. Im 26 and I have a mic. Feel free to add me.

PSN : ArtNukem

cool dude I’ll shoot you a message when I get back from work and the gym

thats great ill send an invite tonight

Add me. Teh_Blood_God.

I play around 5-10pm EST.

Hi there! If you and your lady are at all interested in finding a regular crew, feel free to check out our group on the100. We’re less than a week old but off to a strong start. I’ve had sessions every night this week with friendly, helpful folks at all skill levels. Sign up is easy, then just join a session or post your own. Either way, good games to you and cheers!