Looking for casual players

I’m looking for casual players on the Xbox one. You don’t have to be super good. Just looking to have fun while kicking some major butt

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hey, if you would like to add me. my gamertag is Mattmanxxzero. i’ll be playing later tonight

Hi feel free to add me. My gamer tag is thimblesedge.

Add/ invite me. Gt LYE SHAMBLES

Gt LYE SHAMBLES is your gamertag?

My gamertag is LYESHAMBLES


I added you

Mattman and thimbles I also added you guys

Add Rigomortez been playing slot of story

You have been added bud

Your gt?

Add ToxicScorpion18 for just casual playing

add me as well :stuck_out_tongue: @ghostchief98

Nevermore1815, add me

Hi my gt is BUTTER FRAMPTON. I’m game for co-op and PvP. :sunglasses:

Add/invite LxLChromagLxL!

Add me too: GT: WinterSoldier12

I have added most of you.

Okie dokie lol I have added all of you