Looking for Casual Xbox Players

Hey, so…first time poster. I’m not much of a forum guy, but I figure this may be a good place to reach out. I’m playing Battleborn with a couple of friends and we’re having a lot of fun with the game.

There’s an issue though. We’re running into not finding people who chat and work as a team. We’re a few casual dads who play some nights (around 9-11pm ET typically).

If there’s anyone here who wants to get together and play a few rounds here and there, let me know. We’re into playing to win, but we’re most focused on playing fair, working together, communicating, and having fun.

If you’re interested, let me know.

Xbox Tag: Salambo

I’d be willing to join you guys. The majority of the people I played with during beta haven’t bought the game so I have been going solo lately. Im usually too shy to play online, but I have been wanting to join a group rather than playing with a bunch of randoms. Which is the reason I have avoided pvp since the game was released.

GT: magyklyXdelish

Got ya moved to the X1 co op category.
Have fun!

I completely missed category, thanks!

Sounds good, we’ll try to get together and see how folks gel. See you soon!

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I could use one for advanced on Xbox one now. Msg gt jmillz2988

I’ve added you to my friends list. We’ll get together sometime. Thanks!

Sounds fun count me in wen u guys are on gt: beedub321

Sent you a friend request. We’ll get together. Thanks!

Cool. I’ve added you as a friend. See you online!

im down to play right now. GT: Tatara xx

I’ve added you, thanks. I tend to be on pretty regularly, but almost always at night (east coast). If I’m on before 8pm or so, I’m probably playing with my son.

I’m up for casual coop at night or on weekends. GT: DefiantRogue

I’d be interested in gaming with y’all.
Gt: Nite Nite zzzz