Looking for certain ele guns and level 50 fungus among us grenade!

looking for the following in level 50:
1x purple fl4k mod (which has 60% chance of ammo back, unsure on its name)
1x Lucian call in shock element
1x Lucian call in radiation element
got to trade:
recurring hex in shock,radaition, cyro
all of elemental lyuda snipers , also 2x damage normal lyuda
all of elemental infinity pistols also normal ruthless one
echo 2 grenade (its a uncommon)
all of queen/king guns in all elements
Lucian’s call (in cyro/fire and corrosive)
and many other things possibly but don’t have many mods!
note: any guns in all elements means I have all 5 elements for the gun!

message me on silentrabbit003 if interested more guns from one person the better! though grenade is also important as my fave corrosive grenade maybe!

I have the Flood, Crossroad (F), and Fungus. I’ll msg you on PSN.


Dude. Dont care. Will hook u up. Aint had that much time today. Tomorrow got some time and will search it out for u. Sorry forgot to send u yesterday the flood

its fine you alreadly helped me more then enough! and don’t wanna put more on your plate :stuck_out_tongue:

U are always welcome dude :wink:

though just looking for last 2 elemental call guns now and whatever the purple fl4k mod is called which has 60% bullets back just unsure on the name of the mod itself!