Looking for Chaotic monk

Chaotic monk class mod OP8 message me of you have one spare or are willing to trade XXJAYXX001

Any particular stats you after… money shot ? By any chance?:grinning:

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Yea that would be great if you have a spare? :smile::smile:

Yeah always pick up spares of this com. Gt=scarycartoons.

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I added you and want me to join you? :smile:

you still looking for this com? I have been using my level 72 version I recently farmed. My OP8 version is literally 1 percent better in a stat(can’t remember which one) so it is very neglagable and I am willing to part with it, if you want it? it’s +6 moneyshot and +5 Asbestos Chaotic Evil Monk com.

I’m not looking for one anymore thankyou though :blush:

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