Looking for Chill Battleborn Players just to have a good time

I do not have many friends that play Battleborn and I would love it if people would join me to play this amazing game. I mostly play PvE but of course I also play PvP when Story Mode starts to get a bit tiring. It would be preferable if you have a mic for communication and no children around. Just leave a message on this post and we can get something started.

Gamertag: NinjediX46

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My gamer tag is infiltratedmonk

My gamer tag is Infiltratedmonk

Big Salv66

add me and send an invite whenever you are on and want to play a game i have a team you can jump in a play with and everyone has a mic

LOL there aren’t many of us left.

Im in MN and generally I play on my work from home days of Tuesday and Thursday (don’t tell my boss) LOL.

Gamer tag : masterblizak

Feel free to add me as well, I’m not on very often though, but playing with someone is better than solo queue lol.

GT: Big Lou Sassol

Big Salv66

we play east coast time 8pm-1am basically every night some nights we dont and some we play that whole time. feel free to message and jump in

yeah add me and we can play

Whats up guys im down for anything hate solo lol my GT:HellsxRebel

You can add me
My GT is Iceman Avenger