Looking for chill players to have some coop fun with

Hello everyone.

I just got back on this game to finish up all the sidequests and get all the achievements and then move over to the DLC. But there is one thing I noticed most and thats the fact that nothing has changed to matchmaking over the past few months. No soul ever joins my game eventhough it is always open.

So my question is, (obviously) is there any chilled people out there who want to play this game co op?
I dont have any preferences, just be chill and always up for a good laugh.

On a side note, if anybody knows a good LFG discord for Borderlands 3 that would also be appreciated.

My GT on xbox is; Neophyte I W I ( Thats with i’s).
Timezone is CET

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I’m down to play through. I want to start a Zane character anyways. Usually on after 6pm EST if you are around

Add me: PLUMMA xX