Looking for Claptastic voyage boss Co-op partner (360)(TVHM)

Hi I have been trying to beat the Boss from the latest Dlc and I been having a really hard time. I have tried for practically hours and even popped some golden keys to try and get better gear but to no avail. I am currently a lvl 52 Athena with the 1st two skill trees finished. I have decided to look for a Co-op buddy to try and help me out in killing this boss and possibly finish more of the game with(up to he/she). Let me know if you are interested or want to just offer advice. Thanks!

Definitely up for this. Just hit 51 with my Athena, and very stuck at the same point. Send a friend request/invite to Alkymist96. Will be on at different times throughout today (Sunday).

gt: ii No Beasty I can help beat it in a sec ha

thanks but I met up with VaultHunter101 and we finished again thanks anyways