Looking for CMT mainly but

FOR TRADE(all M10 lvl 65):
13 Pellet Anarchy w/ Sntl Cryo
12 Pellet Anarchy w/ 250% on Phasecast
18 Pellet Rad Anarchy w/ 200% Splash ASE
Corrosive Boom Sickle w/ 125% on Badass/Boss Kill
Bloom w/ Cons Hits
Deep-Dive Facepuncher w/ 300/90
Shock Lob w/ 300/90
Incendiary Kaos w/ 160% Splash on IB Exit
Bulwark Old God w/ ASE Incendiary
Energized Old God w/ ASE Corrosive
Iron Maiden Old God w/ ASE Incendiary
Aegis old God w/ ASE Incendiary
Hypercharge Old God w/ Incendiary
18 Pellet DP Shredded Bangstick w/ Cons Hits

CMT mainly
Rocketeer Class Mod with +5 FitSD and maybe +SMG/+Maliwan/+Charge Rate/Etc

I have a lvl 65 CMT with ASE Cryo and a lvl 60 CMT with 6 sec. damage buff after grensde thrown.

Would you happen to have a Prompt Critical with SNTNL Cryo to trade?