Looking for Co-op partner(s) to enjoy the campaign with and do some multiplayer as well :)

(Xavier Ramos-Quinones) #1

Hey all! I’m a newbie to the forums and wanted to see if anybody was interested in playing along with me in the campaign or not. We could also do the multiplayer, but at the bare minimum you HAVE to have the campaign. I’m an old school gamer where campaign comes first in a game.

If this sounds like a good time to you then feel free to add me on steam at the link below:


I also have a Discord server too if you’d be interested:

Hope to see you guys soon! Have fun ya’ll!! :slight_smile:

(Natsume Ryu) #2

You may be interested in making friends here: https://discord.gg/battleborn if you havent already :slight_smile:
i wont be playing any games until after pax south, but im hoping to have some time after that :smiley:

(Xavier Ramos-Quinones) #3

Already joined :slight_smile: thanks a bunch dude!

(hyperion sponsored) #4

hey what platform are you

(Dr Ivan Radosivic) #5

sure, I also posted some like to articles on is Battleborn worth buying on PC in the Steam discussion forums.

(Rjperk) #6

I’m on PS4 Karate1kid1 add me

(Brute 912) #7

Hi. I like to see new players joining this game. I’m on the PS4. My PS ID is Dragon-Soul_912. I love doing story campaigns and operations. I can fill any role you need but I mostly love rolling attacker or defender.