Looking for Co-op Partners for TPS playthrough!

Hey there everybody! I’ve been wanting to playthrough TPS with Claptrap but would love to have some awesome co-op partners to do this with, so if you’d be interested, send me a PM and we can exchange PSN names!!! Totally down for BL2 as well, just really wanting some awesome people to play with!!

Psn: xTJMx67
Add me I’ll play with you. I’m lvl 20 nisha so it may take you a bit to catch up with me. But as soon as you are far enough along in the story or whatever that you are willing to play just let me know.

No problem, i’ll be happy to add ya, mine’s Prince_Xirsch. I’ll probably be playing tonight so I may catch up tonight, who knows haha! But I’m glad to have somebody to play either game with for sure haha!

i play late at night if your a night gamer

What’s up man I’m also looking for people to play with on both the pre sequel and borderlands 2. I have a mic and ready to tear ■■■■ up haha. My psn is tsav619

tsav are you down to play later tonight around 9ish or 10ish